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Recent Module 9/10 in Herefordshire with Jacqui hoitingh

Recent Module 9/10 in Herefordshire with Jacqui hoitingh

12 August, 2023

Recent Intuition Workshop in Hereford

Recent Intuition workshop with Jacqui hoitingh

12 August, 2023

Bowen Body Decoding

Bowen Body Decoding

26 June, 2023

Fascia: The long-overlooked tissue that shapes your health

An interesting article understanding the Fascia

15 January, 2023

Visiting instructor

Visiting Instructor

20 November, 2022

Goodbye Trevor - Happy Retirement

Happy Retirement Trevor

25 July, 2022

Covid Update

Covid Update

13 July, 2022

Covid and courses

Update on Covid policies

11 May, 2022

Post Graduate Course Dates

Dates online

25 January, 2022

Christmas office hours

Christmas closure

07 December, 2021

We are back!

getting started again

13 April, 2021

New online courses

Exciting new Online courses from Jacqui Hoitingh

12 October, 2020

A message from Ossie & Elaine Rentsch

A message from Ossie & Elaine Rentsch

12 October, 2020

Good News

Courses starting up again

13 July, 2020

New online course from Jacqui Hoitingh

Distance Healing by Jacqui Hoitingh

01 April, 2020

Exciting course from visiting tutor Georgi Ilchev

Exciting new workshop

14 January, 2020

Ossie & Elaine Rentsch visit the UK

Ossie & Elaine teach Master Class SBP2 this year

28 January, 2019

New website launched

launch of new modern website

01 September, 2018

New courses starting in September

A great time to start a new career.

31 August, 2018

Understanding Bowen Technique book reprinted

the best-selling book by John Wilks is being re-printed with new photos and updated text

20 March, 2018

Royalty pays a visit

Bowen instructor John Wilks gave an introduction of Bowen to the Duchess of Cornwall.

18 March, 2018

New Tutors

2 new Bowen instructors, Helen Perkins and Michael Patrick.

07 July, 2013