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Tom Bowen’s 3Ws… water, walk, wait

AS Bowen therapists we focus on the 3Rs which neatly encapsulate the benefits of Bowen therapy… release, re-set and recover. Tom Bowen, founder of the Original Bowen Technique, coined his own snappy soundbite which he called the 3Ws… water, walk, wait.

It seems appropriate in this month of Tom’s birth (April 18th 1916) to remind us all of those three key pointers which can not only enhance treatment but improve our general health and wellbeing.

Water… the fascia (sometimes referred to the body’s natural irrigation system) is made up mostly of water. The Bowen moves release tension which means more water is needed to rehydrate the cells. This in turn enables the fascia network to flow more smoothly which means less stiffness throughout the body. Hydration has long been acknowledged as critical to maintaining good health.

Walk… the more you walk in the week following a Bowen session, the better! Even a short walk of 15-20 minutes at least daily helps integrate the ‘shifts’ that take place during the session. I simple terms, it improves blood circulation which may otherwise slow the re-balancing effect which lies at the heart of the treatment. If going outside isn’t practical, perhaps if you are in the workplace, then at least get up from a seated position every half an hour or so and walk around the room for a few minutes.

Wait… this can have two meanings, referring to the ‘pause’ in between moves or more importantly, refers to being patient and allowing the body to self-repair. The brain has a ‘blueprint’, a memory of a healthy body with every element working in harmony. The process of getting back to a pain-free, functional state can take some time. Patience is needed to give the body a chance to activate its natural ability to heal itself.

We hope you enjoy this reminder of our visionary founder Tom and do share your experience of his 3Ws, either as a therapist or a client. For a more detailed explanation of the importance of good hydration please read Helen Perkins blog which can be found here https://www.bowensuppliesbyhelen.com/blog/fascia-the-bodys-irrigation-system/

18 April, 2024