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A message from Ossie & Elaine Rentsch

Hello from Elaine and Ossie in Australia.

The year of 2020 has been a difficult one for all Bowtech/Bowenwork people.
The many articles in Bowen Hands by our Bowtech people on the effects of the Covid 19 out break world wide says it all.
Training groups are all doing their best to hold their ground whilst we wait to return to normality.
There is a keen demand from the public requesting Bowen treatments, they have been  experiencing uncertainty, anxiety, plus stress, all evident in their bodies.
They have been longing for just “another BOWEN session PLEASE”
These Bowtech procedures, the BRMS plus the Navel and Vagus procedures have shown to be very useful in helping these people .
We are strong and resilient, just as our Bowtech Therapy, we will be able to survive this crisis, and come out with healing hands and loving ♥️ We are well, and managing OK, our Covid restrictions are still in place as in the UK.
We all need to be patient and persevere.
Please read my editorial in the Sept. issue of Bowen Hands “Called into healing” helping your fellow man Please support one another, and remember there is nothing to compare with Bowtech The original  Bowen Technique Every body is better with Bowen.

God Bless you all

Ossie and Elaine

12 October, 2020