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About Bowen


Meet the team with Ossie & Elaine Rentsch

Bowen training UK… who are we?

 Bowen Training UK is the primary source of information and support for those wishing to learn the original Bowen Technique (Bowtech), as devised by the late Tom Bowen in Australia.

Our purpose is to raise awareness and encourage prospective students through comprehensive training opportunities, practical advice and promotional activities in line with the vision and values set down by the founder.

On successful completion of our beginners’ training programme, you will join an international network of Bowtech practitioners working to improve the health and wellness of people around the world.

We have 10 instructors around the country, dedicated professionals providing a quality training experience. Each of them has many years’ experience in clinical practice combined with extensive training prior to becoming an accredited instructor. Accreditation comes from the Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia which protects and promotes the original Bowen Technique, which has become a benchmark for similar programmes. The Academy is dedicated to keeping the Bowen Technique faithful to the pioneering work of its founder.

Our team of instructors (pictured) offers a range of training modules from beginners to Master classes for those who wish to further advance their skills. Many have developed their own accredited specialist training workshops to support continuous professional development (CPD). CPD is a critical element for all Bowen therapists and some of these courses are open to the wider Bowen community including those who may have gained their qualification through an accredited non-Bowtech programme.

Bowen Training UK is affiliated to Bowen Association UK   which provides professional guidelines, recognition and support for qualified Bowtech practitioners as well as students.

We look forward to training you in Tom Bowen’s remarkable technique.