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Intuition Workshop - June - Hereford

Have you every wondered how much your intuition guides your whole life? 
Here is a recent testimonial from a participant in last years workshop:
'Attending Jacqui Hoitinghs Intuition Workshop last year was truly transformative. Jaqui's guidance taught me to trust my intuition and harness the power of manifesting and dowsing. Not only have I discovered and addressed a gluten intolerance through dowsing, but I've also successfully manifested long-desired goals. This workshop has empowered me to take control of my life and has been genuinely life-changing. I have finally stepped into my power. Thank you, Jaqui, for this invaluable experience.'
Summary of the intuition workshop:
Participants will get a workbook but they WILL need a pendulum.
If you are keen on this workshop then please let Jacqui know asap. More information can be found in the courses/Workshops part of the website and application forms are found in the resources part of the website

23 March, 2024