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New instructor Diane joins our team

New Instructor Joins the Team

WE ARE delighted to welcome Diane Brown, newly qualified Bowtech instructor, now preparing her first beginners’ course (May 18-19) in Lymington.

We are certain her students will be inspired by her personal story and obvious love of this gentle complementary therapy which we know can have a profound effect on both a person’s physical and emotional state.

Diane, who lives in Hampshire, discovered the benefits of Bowen while searching for effective relief from a frozen shoulder. This led her to train as a Bowen Technique therapist and now, to qualify as an instructor.

She told us: “Having been a Bowen Technique practitioner myself for 10 years, I have seen amazing results and find the work deeply rewarding. Stepping up to train as an instructor was a natural progression for me.”

 More information about Diane can be found on our Instructors page.



30 April, 2024