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Bowen Module 11

This module is run over 2 days

 Module 11 is the first part of your Masters Course.

You will receive a new manual for this course.  These procedures will "trouble shoot" problems that have not been resolved with previously know procedures and offer more option for you to consider.

The content of the SBP2 manual is a compilation of those extra moves and procedures that have not previously been documented.  As well as adding to the already considerable range of procedures at your disposal it will encourage you to enhance your observational and assessment skills enabling you to "pinoint" more accurately which procedure or individual moves to chose.   

Pre- requisites for Module 11 are:

  • To have attained the SBP 1 Certificate at least 6 months prior to the SBP 2 course .  
  • Hold a current Full membership of the BA(UK) or your Country of origin
  • Members applying for this course for the first time are required to send - a copy of their Advanced Certificate -  with their application.

This course holds 16 hrs CPD allocation.

Senior UK instructors will be running the 2023 SBP2 Masters courses as Ossie and Elaine Rentsch are not travelling to the UK this year. 



Upcoming Module 11 classes


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