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19.05.2019 - Manami Cheves

I enjoyed the whole day! Extra useful information and technique.

Instructor is Ellen Cobb BTAA, BTUK, BA(UK)

19.05.2019 - Grant Foster

Ellens presentation was joyful and very interesting on different uses plus variations.

The Module 7 was excellent ran, well organised.  Ellen put me at ease and felt very comfortable with her lovely energy.

Instructor is Ellen Cobb BTAA, BTUK, BA(UK)

02.12.2018 - Gabriela

Thank you, Ellen, for helping and supporting me to strart a new "season" in my life.

Instructor is Ellen Cobb BTAA, BTUK, BA(UK)

02.12.2018 - Edit

Thank you for everything!  Every moment was very useful for me.

Instructor is Ellen Cobb BTAA, BTUK, BA(UK)

02.12.2018 - Sarah H

Module 7 - Enjoyed Joanne sharing tips to refine our technique

Instructor is Joanne Figov

25.11.2018 - Georgina

SBP1 - Farnborough - Enjoyed meeting new therapists and learning dynamic new moves.

Instructor is Joanne Figov

24.11.2018 - Samantha P

SBP1 - Farnborough - I found the whole module very interesting.  Great to have powerpoint projection.  Ellen was very accomodating and both Jo & Ellen were very prefessional throughout.

Instructor is Ellen Cobb BTAA, BTUK, BA(UK)

23.09.2018 - Graham Neilson

SBP1 - Learning new moves.  The additional information on anatomy was really interesting and informative.

Instructor is John Wilks MA RCST BTAA

09.09.2018 - Susannah Mahon

Bowen Energetics - Having a new perspective of Bowen.  This has been an excellent course and I feel I have learnt so much.  Can't wait to use some of it.

Instructor is Joanne Figov

08.09.2018 - Janet Cox

Bowen Energetics course - Especailly helpful - opportunity to develop intuitive moves.

Instructor is Joanne Figov

19.03.2018 - Lynne

I have thoroughly enjoyed learning the Bowen technique and Helen has been an excellent and very supportive trainer. It has at times been very challenging to fit it all in with my very busy clinic schedule but know I will use Bowen more and more in my daily working life.

Instructor is Helen Perkins BTAA, MAR

10.04.2017 - Revision & Intuition workshop - Various

Amazing Course!!  Eye & Mind Opening- Empowering & Powerful- loved Every single minute!  Excellent Course- Will change the way I approach my work.   Helped me re connect to Intuition & Trust- enjoyed group group energy, connection and Stillness.   A Wonderful Day FULL of info. You work SO Well together, Thank you

This Day has unlocked a ‘box’ for me!

Instructor is Jacqui Hoitingh

28.10.2016 - Cathy

Thank you for your patient tuition [Ellen] but also for your stories and anecdotes.  I could see that my fellow classmates were enthralled and it showed us that Bowen isn’t just about the hand moves, it is about awareness and kindness and a genuine desire to help others.

Instructor is Ellen Cobb BTAA, BTUK, BA(UK)

30.09.2016 - Joanna

The modules were taught in a informal and fun way which helped me relax and learn more efficiently

I have thoroughly enjoyed the course.  Trevor is a very patient and encouraging tutor and very generous with his knowledge.