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Jacqui Hoitingh

Telephone: 07801 279 255

Mobile: 07801 279 255

Email: jacqui.hoitingh@gmail.com

Website: http://www.BowenHealth.nl

Address: 9 Cross Street, Peebles, Scottish Borders, EH45 8LE (preferred contact via email please)

I started out on a Bowen course in Glasgow in 1998, never having had a treatment nor did I know much about it. For some reason I was drawn to it and I followed my intuition. Thank goodness I listened! My life has changed so much since then. I am a great believer in following your heart and Bowen has opened up a different life and work which I love doing. I qualified as an Instructor in 2005 and I just love teaching, my aim is to get the best Practitioners out there, sharing this magnificent Therapy with as many people as possible. My newest passion is teaching Intuition & Revision Workshops with Luisa Agliatta, we teach well together, the reviews speak for themselves! By combining Bowen as you tune into your Intuition just makes the treatment so much more powerful! I am always enthusiastic about teaching and seeing someone have a light bulb moment, “Oh now I understand” makes it all so much more enjoyable. I am married to Robin, also a Bowen Practitioner and my lovely twins Kai & Jay. I love travelling and just as well as I now live in Holland a lot of the time, as well as in the Scottish Border town of Peebles. I run Basic courses in Edinburgh & London and Modules 8,9 & 10’s plus Workshops all over the UK as well as in Holland.

Testimonials about Jacqui Hoitingh

10.04.2017 Revision & Intuition workshop - Various

Amazing Course!!  Eye & Mind Opening- Empowering & Powerful- loved Every single minute!  Excellent Course- Will change the way I approach my work.   Helped me re connect to Intuition & Trust- enjoyed group group energy, connection and Stillness.   A Wonderful Day FULL of info. You work SO Well together, Thank you

This Day has unlocked a ‘box’ for me!

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