There may be few opportunities in your lifetime to become part of something genuinely fullfulling.  For some people, learning the Bowen Technique has become that Opportunity.   Ossie Rentsch  co-founder of the  Bowen Technique Academy of Australia

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The following courses are certified by Bowtech Australia for 8 hrs a day CPD’s.

Courses listed below are at a cost of £220 for two day attendance.

 Practitioners who have graduated from other schools are welcome to attend Bowtech courses in the UK (subject to suitable qualifications and a 15% non members surcharge)

Bowen Training UK Post Graduate Workshops                                        APPLY HERE

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These courses are not “Practitioner Courses” and do not qualify as pre-requisite for the Module 9 SBP 1.

Listed below are some additional courses available for qualified therapists to broaden their knowledge of the body and its workings. 

Revision & Clinical Assessment Skills Workshop

Trevor Griffiths


A hands on Workshop for qualified practitioners to "Improve the Move" and work more efficiently & effectively. Building on your existing skills, to become a better, more confident, Practitioner. The course will include in depth Review of basic procedures, Client Consultation and Clinical Assessment, identifying and treating common conditions, working with Back Pain and innovative Palpation Skills, from a Physiotherapist with over 20 years experience. You will learn how to easily identify and treat the real underlying dysfunction behind many common conditions, with immediate, repeatable and measurable results. Your outcomes & confidence will improve dramatically.

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Working with Back Pain

John Wilks

The 2 day seminar is a hands-on practical course designed to help Bowen practitioners work effectively with clients who present with a wide variety of differing symptoms related to back pain. The two day course explores the clinical implications of a range of conditions and explores possible ways to treat from a holistic perspective.

Working with babies and toddlers and preparation for childbirth

John Wilks

Clinical skills, Assessment and Palpation for Bowen Practitioners

John Wilks

This two day workshop will concentrate on looking at the dynamics and health implications for babies and mums of different kinds of birth and how these might be addressed using various procedures.Many practitioners have a reluctance to work on babies, partly through unfamiliarity but also through lack of knowledge of how to treat them. The workshop aims to increase confidence in treating babies and to help the practitioner understand the appropriate application of Bowen procedures to babies and to mums-to-be during pregnancy.

This course is designed primarily for practitioners who have recently qualified to give them more confidence in relating to clients, giving feedback and working with difficult cases. The course also covers tools for observing gait, posture and how to interpret findings in terms of appropriate treatment.

This workshop will explore the various receptors found in fascia and other forms of connective tissue. It will explain how these different receptors respond to the different types of touch (ie speed, depth of pressure etc) that are used in various Bowen moves and how the practitioner can use Bowen moves to achieve specific effects.

The Secret Life of Fascia

John Wilks

Post Graduate Revision & Assessment

Ellen Cobb

General revision to improve the main Bowen procedures – Extra information on treating a wide variety of conditions & sports and general injuries - ideas on Postural Assessment - treating clients in unusual positions - information on how & when to use the minimum requirements in emergencies – Power Point presentations and a variety of Handouts.

Bowen - Sports - Injuries - Rehab

Ellen Cobb


New seminar to enlighten therapists as to the most common injuries across a variety of sports.  Covering how Bowen might help in the recovery of injuries, how Bowen may help prevent some common injuries and reminding the therapist that similar injuries can occur anywhere in life - not just sport.  Suitable for all level of therapists.

Bowen-Sports - injuries - Rehab.   Application Form  Ellen Sept 16.doc

Tips, Taping & Techniques

Nicola Hok

This seminar concentrates on Bowen strapping.  The day will consist mainly of hands-on practical work - a chance to practice all the strapping, and the related procedures, such as Pelvic, Knee, Ankle, Hammer toe & Bunion, and elbow/wrist (+ BRM 1 if time allows).  Also a 16-page guide to strapping written especially for this course.                   

Review Days

Nicola Hok

These will cover as much of the work as possible, depending on what the requirements of the students are. Procedures covered will be allocated on a show of hands at the beginning of the day, commencing with the most popular.

Back to Basics

Nicola Hok

A seminar designed to take the practitioner right back to the beginning, reviewing the foundations of the basic work and looking at it on a deeper level. Not only will the basic work be covered, but time will also be spent honing skills in precision and making the moves even more effective. Procedures covered: BRM 1, 2, & 3. pelvis, Sacrum, Kidney, knees, shoulders, and exercises.

Back to Basics II

Nicola Hok

Back to Basics II will cover the remainder of the procedures not covered in the earlier seminar, which should ideally be attended prior to this one.  

GO ON…. TREAT YOURSELF! (The Cobbler’s children)TM

Nicola Hok

We all know that the cobbler’s children are always the ones with the holes in their shoes. As therapists, we are often the ones who don’t get treated. This innovative and practical workshop show you how to give yourself a treatment of the same quality that we give to our clients - and without straining or tying yourself in knots. We will also look at using Bowen distantly and using a surrogate.

Revision Day-

Better your Bowen

Nicola Hok

In this Revision day we will focus primarily on how to get the best results possible from your Bowenwork. We shall explore ways to make each move as effective as possible and thereby improve your work and enhance the results. We will look at the relationships between the skin, superficial fascia and deep fascial layers and the importance of how we utilise the skin slack.

An explorative workshop looking first at balancing the structural foundation and then going deeper into Energetic patterns.

Exploring Vibration, Energy and the Emotional language of the body, Stress and Trauma.  New research in the Energy world.

Tuning into the tissue. New combinations of moves for other outcomes. Exercises to develop other senses, focusing on the body’s messages

What is the client’s body/tissue telling us, listening with our hands and other senses.

Bowen Energetics: A physical & energetic perspective

Joanne Figov

Revision Plus

Joanne Figov

This course is designed primarily for practitioners who have recently qualified to give them more confidence in relating to clients, giving feedback and working with difficult cases. The course also covers tools for observing gait, posture and how to interpret findings in terms of appropriate treatment.

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Palliative Care: The Role of the Bowen Therapist

Helen Mary Perkins

Helen’s expertise in the hospice environment has given her a unique insight into the benefits of Bowen therapy for those receiving end-of-life care. Her interactive two-day training workshop is therefore based on practical and proven methods providing an overview into the specialist requirements of working in such sensitive circumstances. The aim is to equip therapists with the knowledge and confidence to provide an empathetic treatment and ensure best outcome for the patient.

Application Form - Cobblers Children 2016.doc

Revision & Intuition

Jacqui Hoitingh


Ever thought that if you could just use your Intuition more you would get better results with your clients? Well this course could help you do just that! This course will benefit all qualified Bowen therapists, at any level. If you can learn to tune into your client and ''feel'' what procedure is right for them. Your results will improve as will your confidence.Basic Revision will also be a big part of this course and Practitioners can send in previous to the course, the moves or up to 2 full procedures they would especially like covered, so tailor made Revision.

Communication Skills & Practical Skills for complex clients

Nickatie Dimarco

Ever wondered what to do when.........?    Communicating with any client can be difficult – especially when you first qualify. Communicating with complex clients can be really difficult. Do they say what they mean or mean what they say?  This two day course will enable practitioners to respond to complex emotions and difficult conversations with clients. There will be a chance to explore how to communicate more effectively  and confidently in any situation.  We will also look at the skills needed to treat clients who maybe cant just lie on a couch – what other methods could you use. What other things could you treat on except a couch?