There may be few opportunities in your lifetime to become part of something genuinely fullfulling.  For some people, learning the Bowen Technique has become that Opportunity.   Ossie Rentsch  co-founder of the  Bowen Technique Academy of Australia

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Details of these and how to book at or email

2hrs CPD points given per webinar (maximum of 8 hrs in any one year)

Webinars offer a variety of topics of interest to Bowen practitioners and new presentations are being updated all the time at

Webinars cost £10 a month for subscription which gives access to all current and recorded webinars.

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All webinars start at 19:00

27th June - John Wilks (UK) - Environmental impacts on fetal development and implications for later health outcomes

9th July on Bowen moves and the meridian system with Amichay Fischer Sellbach

25th July with Susanne Scurlock-Durana

Participant Feedback……

The information was incredibly good and useful. I plan to attend more of these webinars in the future. thank you so much for making this kind of training available.


Excellent informative webinar this evening. Learnt lots and looking forward

to the following webinars planned. Thanks again John!


This was a hugely informative and interesting Webinar exceptionally well

presented. A realy enjoyable and enlightening experience! Every Bowen

move will have extra meaning! The Bowen Technique fits beautifully with the

knowledge and understanding emerging at this time regarding the fascia in

the body. Thank you John for sharing this knowledge with us.


Just attended the first Bowen association webinar organised by John Wilks, where Sandra Gustafson spoke to us about Womens Health. It was fantastic, learnt lots, with lots of interaction with other attendees, and plenty of time to have all of our questions answered at the end. Am already looking forward to the next one in April, and would highly recommend to others as a means to learn from the comfort of your own home! Thanks John and Sandra!


What a very good effort on your parts for putting this webinar together.Most

enjoyable,informative, and well presented. I sincerely hope that these

webinars will continue to be successful.

I look forward to the next one.


I have really enjoyed the whole process of the Webinar.

The joining instructions were great with the opportunity to test the system

beforehand and it was such a simple task this evening after a busy day at

work to link in.

It is not always easy to attend Bowen training but this is a very useful

alternative and I am really looking forward to being able to join in again

with the next one.

Many thanks for all the hard work that has gone in to setting up the systems

to allow this to happen and "hats off" to Sandra for stepping up to the mark

and being the first speaker


A really exiting development and opportunity to learn from the experience,

in this case of Sandra. John 'hosted' and supported the webinar so well that

it felt one was definitely a part of this learning opportunity. The question

and answer session could have been longer and more extensive .. though i'm

probably being greedy here. I have not had the opportunity to learn from

Sandra before and I hugely appreciated her wisdom and experience.

Many thanks to both of you!


Thank you so much for organising the Webiar John and to Sandra for her

presentation. Great innovation.


This opportunity was wonderful, to hear such an experienced practitioner

remind me of the many benefits that Bowen can offer to women. As I live some

distance from centres running Bowen courses and am currently unable to be

away from home for long, webinars are a brilliant way of enabling me to

develop my learning. The facility worked so well, it was very impressive.

Thank you very much John and Sandra for helping me to re-connect with the

benefits of Bowen in the comfort of home!


I found the subject matter relevant for current practise and dealing with

challenges faced by woman.The content was extensive and easily

understandable. Well worth the time and effort. I will continue subscribing

in future. well done


Very enjoyable. It is great to have the opportunity to work for two hours

only and from home - with chosen topics and to have specific questions


Thank you, I'm looking forward to the next webinar :)


Dear John

A terrific, inovative start to the webinars. I thoroughly enjoyed Sandra's

expertise. I found it easier to access than I thought not being a tecky

person. Q & A was very good.

Yes, more please



Really enjoyed this very informative session.

Surprised how easy it was to access.

Only negative thing is that my screen kept freezing and I was afraid I would

miss something!!

Will definitely take part again.