There may be few opportunities in your lifetime to become part of something genuinely fullfulling.  For some people, learning the Bowen Technique has become that Opportunity.   Ossie Rentsch  co-founder of the  Bowen Technique Academy of Australia

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Understanding Bowen Technique book reprinted…..

the best-selling book by John Wilks is being re-printed with new photos and updated text. The new edition which has already sold over 20,000 copies will be published in February and is available from


Royalty pays a visit…..

Bowen instructor John Wilks gave an introduction to Bowen to the Duchess of Cornwall when she paid a visit to his clinic in Dorchester in December.

(Image used with permission of the Dorset Echo)


February 2007

Breath of Life Conference

It is not often that such eminent pioneers at the cutting edge of holistic healthcare are brought together under a single roof to share their ideas.

The Breath of Life conference being held in London on 26th & 27th May 2007 will be the fourth bi-annual conference of its kind. As in previous years, its purpose will be to facilitate debate and provide the opportunity for therapists of all disciplines to widen their exposure to new and established approaches to holistic healthcare. Read more.....


August 2008

The Bowen Technique part of Foundation Degree

Worcester University is the first university in the UK to offer Bowen as part of its Foundation Degree in Health and Complementary Therapies.  John Wilks has been asked to be a module leader for the course which starts later this year.  Registrations for the course are high and it is being held in a brand new purpose built complex in the old docks area of Gloucester. 


El Salvador project – Israeli instructor Arnina Kashtan is visiting El Salvador again in September to run another module for the participants there and hopefully graduate a few of them.  The course is being held at an orphanage on the edge of San Salvador.  For details of how you can help with this project or donate funds please go to


January 2007


The project to teach about 25 veterans of the civil war in El Salvador is proceeding well.  Since January there have been four visits by John Wilks, Arnina Kashtan (from Israel) and Louise Tremblay (from Canada) to run courses there.  The first group are nearing the end of the course and should qualify in May.

The project has been immensely moving and humbling.  Many people on the course are very poor but would travel for hours on foot and by bus to get there.  There is a wide mixture of students – the course is being held in an orphanage run by nuns and many of them are taking the course.  Others include ex-guerillas and human rights workers.

Any assistance (financial or time) with this project would be gratefully received.  Please contact John Wilks for details.

Salvador is one of the most violent countries in Central America with the highest rate of murder and gang violence almost anywhere in the world.  It is so amazing to see the effects of Bowen on people who have been tortured and raped and also on those who have themselves tortured and killed others.  It is immensely gratifying that the invitation for this course came from the realisation of the people themselves that the only way to really heal the wounds of society is by forgiveness and using their hands to heal rather than torture and maim.  To see people work on each other ho had previously been enemies is extraordinary.


June 2006

The 2006 International Bowenwork Conference will be held at Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut, USA, from June 16-18, with pre- and post-conference events running from June 14-21. With presentations from the UK's John Wilks and Rick Minnery as well as workshops from Ossie and Elaine Rentsch, this conference looks to be a success.


May 2006

10,000 copies sold.

Understanding the Bowen Technique by John Wilks

 Cost £3.00 including postage and packing

Contact John Wilks - Generous discounts available on bulk orders for Bowen Therapists.

In November 2004 Understanding the Bowen Technique by John Wilks (now in its second print) was launched in the United Kingdom and has since sold around 10,000 copies. The book is still selling successfully here in the UK aswell as in New Zealand, Australia USA and Scandinavia. Bowen Therapists around the globe are utilising the book not only for themselves but also for their clients. John has since been contracted to write a new, much larger book on The Bowen Technique and we hope this will be available before the end of the year. Watch this space!

JohnWilksBook line

May 2006

Bowen Instructor Rick Minnery wins the 2006 Bowtech Golf Tournament.

CONGRATULATIONS goes to Rick Minnery for his tremendous efforts (and swing) in winning this years Bowtech Shield. Rick successfully defended the title which he won in 2005 on his home course (the Heysham Golf Club) in Lancashire. Rick achieved several milestones this year regarding the Bowtech Golf Tournament. Not only has he now played in all 10 tournaments since the tournaments inauguration in 1996 but he is also only one of two people to have won the shield twice. He is the first person to defend the title.


Thank you to all those who entered and good luck for next year.

Second Place was awarded to Peter Whiteside with third place going to Ossie Rentsch. Congratulations to you both for a great game.


Life Time Membership Award

ellenawardBowtech Instructor Ellen Cobb receives her Life Membership Award for Outstanding Service to Bowtech.

Ellen was presented with the award at the International Conference in Australia.

Along with Ellen, UK instructors John Wilks & Rick Minnery were also presented with Life Membership awards.


Dental Treatment for bed-wetting, ear infections and tension headaches

New research confirms a direct connection between chronic conditions such as bed-wetting and ear infections and the size and position of the jawbone. Children with small or poorly-positioned jaw and breathing airways tend to suffer from bed-wetting or ear infections explains Derek Mahony, DDS, MS.

Breakthrough dental procedures to widen the jaw and airway or re-align the jaw among children who suffer from either or both conditions, have been shown to reduce the occurrence or cure the problem completely.

Presented at the Academy of General Dentistry's 51st Annual Meeting, Nashville, July 17 20, 2003

N.B. As all good Bowen therapists know, there is an excellent procedure within The Bowen Technique which may help address problems such as the one described above. Members of the public who experience TMJ (Temporo Mandibular Joint) pain or dysfunction should seek out a registered therapist* and discuss the problem fully with the therapist before commencing treatment.

* In the UK contact The Bowen Association (uk) for the contact details of their nearest registered therapist. Or visit their web site: