There may be few opportunities in your lifetime to become part of something genuinely fullfulling.  For some people, learning the Bowen Technique has become that Opportunity.   Ossie Rentsch  co-founder of the  Bowen Technique Academy of Australia

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A Vision and a Glance at History - by Ossie Rentsch Click here to download

Embryology - What can it tell us - by John Wilks Click here to download

Natural Communication System - by John Wilks Click here to download

Research around the world - Click here to download

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Audio clips - Ossie & Elaine Rentsch on 'Bowen'

Download and listen to these audio clips:

"I first met Mr. Bowen..."

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"Whilst in Mr. Bowen's clinic..."

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"Mr. Bowen didn't seek any praise or fame..."

John Wilks 'Conscious TV' Interview

Articles Soundbites Audio from Ossie & Elaine

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Bowen Technique - John Wilks Interview pt 3

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Bowen Technique - John Wilks Interview pt 1

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"We invite you..."

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Good Morning New Zealand

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Bowen Technique - John Wilks Interview pt 2

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Babies & Hypermobility - by John Wilks Click here to download

Bowen for Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome - by Isobel Knight Click here to download


Equine Muscle Release Therapy


CCmrt ™

The Bowen Technique for Cats & Dogs

Equine Muscle Release Therapy… the horse world, has been derived from the original Bowen Technique. This is the only Bowen on horses recognised by the Bowen Academy of Australia.

Developed by Alison Goward, a Natural Therapist, from Eumundi, Queensland.

You can learn this specialised form of equine therapy here in the UK by initially contacting Alison or Lynley

For details of courses please go to

The Bowen Technique for Cats and Dogs…..

A one day First Aid course for small animals –  a self interest course for the pet owners

No previous Bowen experience required.

This 1 day course is for anyone who has the welfare of their pets at heart.

CCmrt™ has been developed by Alison Goward Dip RM.SM

Due to the extensive successful field trials carried out since 1997 by EMRT practitioners on animals (mainly dogs and cats) other than horses, and due to the increasing number of enquiries made to the Equus College to learn EMRT for dogs and cats, CCmrt was developed in 2001.

CCmrt is comprised of a series of gentle moves in sequence, which unblocks muscle spasms, allowing the energy to circulate through the body, revitalising the entire being including internal organs.

To download the application form please see the CCmrt website:

For more information on attending courses in CCmrt please contact

The Equus College of Learning and Research

Head Office - Australia

Ph: +61 7 4123 0556

Mob: +61 418 726 778

Phone: + 61 (0)7 5494 5788

Ali Goward


Lynley Moroney


Sue Connolly

EMRT contact for find a Practitioner

Tel: 01789 772413