There may be few opportunities in your lifetime to become part of something genuinely fullfulling.  For some people, learning the Bowen Technique has become that Opportunity.   Ossie Rentsch  co-founder of the  Bowen Technique Academy of Australia

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The Bowen Technique – the Inside Story

by John Wilks

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Written by a leading Bowen practitioner and teacher, this book is essential reading for anyone practising, studying or wanting to increase their knowledge of the Bowen Technique.  It expands on John Wilks’ previous book ‘Understanding the Bowen Technique’

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Understanding the Bowen Technique by John Wilks

In November 2004 Understanding the Bowen Technique by John Wilks (now in its second print) was launched in the United Kingdom and has since sold around 10,000 copies. The book is still selling successfully here in the UK aswell as in New Zealand, Australia USA and Scandinavia. Bowen Therapists around the globe are utilising the book not only for themselves but also for their clients.

Books on the Bowen Technique

This book is for you whether you are a newcomer to complementary therapy or an experienced therapist. It provides practical advice if you are wanting to start out in the complementary therapy business, and thought provoking observations and musings for those of you who’ve been in the business for several years. In addition, it describes a simple yet powerful wellbeing model for you to use as a means to achieve a successful outcome for your client.


By Dave Riches

John Wilks and Isobel Knight’s comprehensive guide to using Bowen in addressing common and complex conditions.  This book alsohas contributions from instructors and authors from around the world. Each chapter is illustrated with case studies.

The book will be a ‘must-have’ addition for all Bowen therapists or anyone interested in understanding Bowen further, as it details the latest research about how Bowen works and why, and most importantly enables a much better application of Bowen practice in the clinic.

Copies are available from in hard copy and as an ebook.