There may be few opportunities in your lifetime to become part of something genuinely fullfulling.  For some people, learning the Bowen Technique has become that Opportunity.   Ossie Rentsch  co-founder of the  Bowen Technique Academy of Australia

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After gaining a Bachelor of Arts degree in Social Anthropology at the University of Cape Town and then a diploma in nursing, Joanne was led to explore the natural healing world.

Joanne has been involved in holistic medicine for over 20 years and a Bowen instructor since 1997 when Ossie Rentsch invited her to teach. Her Bowen journey started in 1993 when she did one of the first ever 4 day seminars with Ossie and Elaine and has been hooked ever since.

She has a full time practice in Southbourne, Bournemouth and loves living by the sea as she can indulge her passions in power walking and yoga.

She has travelled widely to Europe, South Africa, Israel and throughout Britain teaching the Bowen Technique and her other workshops.

However she finds that the majority of her clients are for Bowen Therapy as: 'Quite simply, it works and most people are in pain and Bowen releases and relieves that and often in minutes'

Her interest is in energy medicine and the spiritual connection to life. She feels the two go hand in hand and has found over the years that the more we develop, heal ourselves and open to the joy of life, the more we are able to help transform people's lives.

Her experience in holistic/alternative health spans many modalities over the years and she is also qualified as a Flower Essence Consultant, Health Kinesiologist and as an EFT practitioner as well as being one of the first to do the 'Energist' training with Dr Sylvia Hartmann.

Due to her healing and intuitive ablilities expanding over the years, she has also developed her own unique therapy: 'The 'Oracle Touch Technique' which she uses on clients who need more energetic and multi layered work. (

If you would like to attend one of her classes or revision days, please download a form and send it to her or phone for a friendly chat.

If you wish to enroll on a course with Joanne please print off an Application Form and return to:

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