There may be few opportunities in your lifetime to become part of something genuinely fullfulling.  For some people, learning the Bowen Technique has become that

Ossie Rentsch 
co-founder of the 
Bowen Technique Academy of Australia

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The original Bowen Technique

Bowen Training UK offers a unique opportunity to learn with the original pioneers of the Bowen Technique and join an international network of practitioners that is influencing healthcare in nearly every European country and world wide.

Teaching since 1993 in the UK, Bowtech is the longest established training course for Bowen in the UK and Europe and through its association with the Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia has trained more professional practitioners in the Bowen Technique than any other college.

Bowen Training UK is the only college to have extensive support throughout the world with an estimated 20,000 practitioners currently taught and over 90 accredited teachers.

Only Bowtech gives access to the full range of procedures documented by Oswald Rentsch directly from Tom Bowen himself.

bowtech bowtech

Don’t miss the opportunity to learn this extraordinary method with the longest established and most prestigious Bowen training organisation in the UK!

Ossie Rentsh

learning the bowen technique

Membership to The Bowen Association is free to  students.

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MODULE 9 & 10


28th & 29th November



5th & 6th




12th & 13th


MODULE 9 & 10


16th & 17th

January 2016

MODULE 9 & 10


19th & 20th